OMG OMG OMG!! New Toy!

I know. I need help.

So here’s how I spent the last fifteen minutes. I was browsing here and more specifically here and figured I’d give it a shot. Since Mosh is a good friend of mine, I figured I’d ask the twin a few key questions to see just how authentic it really is. I couldn’t stop laughing!!

My Cyber Twin is a service that creates an ‘artificial you’ that can chat up your friends while you’re away.  It has obvious uses; it’s a sort of cyber voicemail, and for organisations, it can be like the automated customer care person at Zain or Safaricom.

It also has less … serious uses, like impersonation, or screening online acquaintances, or keeping you busy when on your pals are offline.

[You can see I spend a lot of time on the internet.]

So I went out [?] and got a twin of my own, just for kicks, and had a conversation with it. Yaani this takes talking-to-myself to a whole new level. But it was just so fun!!

So, my fellow chataholics, tweeters and tweeteuses, introducing…


…my alter ego’s alter ego!

Knock yourself out. *cheeky grin*

Can you be absolutely sure that person you’re chatting to is not me? I mean like absolutely?

Gnarls BarkelyCrazy

For more information on 3CB, click here.


2 Responses

  1. LOL, I was just talking to your alter ego’s alter ego. She’s…..”elitist” 😛

    **hehehehe** isn’t she just?

  2. très cool!

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