Feeling cheeky…

… or at least I was when I started this post several hours ago. Now, not so much, but hey.

Also, this post is rated. You have been warned.

So this gentleman here referred me here for reasons that will remain relatively undisclosed. Suffice it to say that it suffices to say where I obtained said info.

Now. First, I am of the straight persuasion, and my flavour of choice is one six-foot-three vanilla sailor that I love to bits. I also have a passing attraction to several of the other Ks in question.

I have no issue with gays lately, perhaps I have grown up or made peace with the bill of rights. For whatever reason, I  am accepting the LGBTQs. Don’t ask me to spell that out, I’m not even sure the letters are correct. I’ll google it later.

Second, I am a firm advocate of beauty in women. I know a pretty girl when I see one, and I fully comprehend they who drool at Megan Fox. Jamani the woman is hot. But  that said, I am not really the curious type, bi or otherwise.

The only  thing I wonder about is the appeal. What is it about girl-on-girl-action that makes boys so crazy? And why is it such a thousand-dollar show when a chick goes DIY?

I asked the pretty boy that I adore and he suggested I google it. I laughed, then did as he said.

According to this it is simply the lure of the unattainable – the guys are attracted to GOGA because they are not directly involved.

Also, projection. Dude can picture himself in the space between. Eh … yeah.

My pretty boy and I bounced ideas around and found a few more … possibilities. I for one think it’s about exclusivity. I mean, when one guy is watching two girls, he is the only male available, so technically, it’s like a harem. Technically. Kind of like polygamy, but without the gamy.

I figure it’s also a visual thing. I mean, ngingi takes part largely in the brain. The body parts are just the puppet strings. Hence wet dreams et al. So if your mind is stimulated enough, your body responds accordingly. With GOGA, the mind is stimulated without the [exhausting] burning of calories. It’s the ultimate shortcut. Better than XTV.

I suppose the same applies to DIY, coz he can see himself shadowing the … er … movements. I hear some girls like to watch guys too though I can’t think why. But then again, I prefer to have the lights off, so hey.

Ok … that’s enough for today, yes? Time for a glass of brrr.

Nitapitia baadayeAbbas Kubaff aka Doobiez

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5 Responses

  1. I saw said post and decided to wait for reactions. yours is good enough. I agree most guys have ‘that’ fantasy but I also know that certain things are best left to the mind. The fun would be lost if the situation was actually played out.

    I don’t know many guys that agree , I’m almost afraid to ask my dear one his specific opinion on the matter lest I receive suggestions *sheepish grin*

  2. Cheeky post rated R. Cheeky comments rated R. First, lights on/off? Heighten some senses by eliminating one. I concur, lights off. But then, sometimes. . .
    The GOGA thing. If anyone ever comes up with a full explanation, not theories, i’ll be more than happy to confirm or disprove. I draw a blank every time.


  3. I don’t draw a blank. And no Kirima, some things are not best left to the mind. I have it in my bucket list dubbed 30 things to do before I turn 30.

    what’s on it?

    The main reason I like GOGA (this sounds great) is the presence of two or more nice things. Not many men want to see hanging other things that are hanging more than theirs. By men I mean myself. I’d prefer to watch an MFF action than an MMF action. On the other hand, this reasoning is also brought about by greed and not need.

    that makes sense

    If I don’t participate, I’d still gladly watch and enjoy a GOGA because apparently the girls know what excites them and one could learn a thing or two about the ever elusive female orgasm technique.

    **cheeky grin

    Curiosity is at the bottom of the list but it is not the least reason at all. This is a liberal world and one has to exhaust all favourable options.

    On the man on man action, that is gross, a man’s body is not beautiful and I consider such actions violations of natural selection especially since the orifices involved are not naturally created (by God) for such actions. Nuf said.

  4. Paragraph 3 of Bomseh’s comment is pretty much why most men are into that sort of thing. 🙂 And yes, the same reasoning applies to female DIY especially if she’s kind enough to let you watch… till the end, the very very end. *pause* *le sigh*

    **cheeky grin**

  5. I know i like to watch that GOGA…

    mko wengi 🙂

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