Swahili is a beautiful thing!! Seriously!!

Sample this:

Mimi ni mamba. Sifa za mamba na kenge wapo – Msanii Dudu Baya.

The song loosely translates to ‘I am a crocodile. The rest are lizards’ by Bad insect.

Not quite the same, is it?

[Of course if you grew up in my house, the dudu means something else entirely, which is equally lost in translation…]

The song goes on to describe the qualities of a ‘lizard’ as hating, beefing, refusing to buy rounds etc. It sounds so much less petty in Swa.

More on music. I have entirely forgotten what I intended to write.

Is anyone feeling Kanye’s Love Lockdown as much as I am? The boy is a genius. An idiot, but a genius. I have never been so irked to like a song!! Except of course for the Miss Independent track…I am annoyed no end that I like the instrumentals so much, coz the words are pure gameria…well, i don’t like them, let’s just say that and leave it. I so don’t like that boy.

Hmph. I have acquired an uneasening habit of disliking people with mad talent…Nzembi, perhaps you were right about that after all? **sheepish grin**

I’m going to bed. Good night!

Oh oh oh. Almost forgot. To anyone who gives a flying…sheep, the correct way to sing about ngingi = Addicted by Saving Abel. [Or alternately, Hot by Avril Lavigne.

The wrong way to sing about ngingi = any candy-man-lollipop-hip-hop-hoochie-type-video-thingie. Srsly. It is very possible to be sexy without being vulgar.

For real!!

For more information on 3CB, click here.


4 Responses

  1. I am yet to hear addicted or hot… for me I go with Stir it up by Bob Marley… Not many girls get it, but with the lucky one who does… we make some good stew.

    i’ve just googled the lyrics, hapo…yenyewe…waa!

  2. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    FREE Image Converter.!Convert just using right click.

    Ooooookaaaaaay? **scratching my head**

  3. I kind of like Dudu Baya. For me he is like one of the serious ones there. The rest of them have just been doing what my boyz call ‘mangoma za kulialia’ ie kina ali kiba, matonya. They such a pain!

    hahahaha ati mangoma za kulialia. that’s a classic, your boy is a genius with wit

    I hate all the songs Kanye did last year! They all had that T-painish thing in them. I mean the vocoder. Why cant they act natural? Like some rapper pointed out the other day, “Imagine if Aretha did R E S P E C T with a vocoder?”

    actually, i rather like the vocoder thing. i’m always trying to do it in the shower

  4. Hehehe…clearly I was right! Oh btw I so LOVE that addicted song!heck, I love the whole album…I’m driving my roomates mad! But I just can’t stop playing the whole damn thing..HOT!!!!!

    you and me both! i’ve only heard addicted and 18 days though

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