Feelings shmeelings

I’ve been feeling kinda down lately. Couldn’t justify booze or valium, so I settled for Heroes, Gilmore Girls, psycho notes and weetabix.

Apparently, some people feel the need to express themselves, to share their innermost thoughts, to show their emotions. I’m one of those people.

Other people can’t be bothered with things like that, they just don’t see the point. They’re not repressed or anything, they just have no concept of emotional bonding. They find it about as useful as yoga.

I always say the world would be better if everybody just said what they really feel. It’d be easier for me anyway, coz then I wouldn’t keep having to read between the lines and second guess every word I hear.

Of course that’s part of the fun, figuring out what someone is really saying. But it’s a headache when the person isn’t ‘really saying’ anything, and of course, I can’t tell the difference.

But I’ve realised something. Saying it out loud isn’t always the best idea. Coz people have mind frames, biases, interpretation. They don’t always hear what you say, and it’s much more than just Venus or Mars.

Like in Gilmore girls, somewhere in season 2. Laureli tells Chris that she has subconsciously sabotaged all her relationships because she was waiting for him. What she was saying is that she loves him, that he’s her soulmate, but that she can finally let him go. What he heard is that it was his fault she had never been happy.

So expressing yourself sometimes does more harm than good, coz the person you’re talking at [sic] might be hearing something else. And if they’re not the kind who do emotions, you could end up in a lot of trouble.

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