It’s baaack !!

I recognize the symptoms. The spinning around in the same spot, the restlessness and boredom, the feeling like flubber trapped in a fizzled out pepsi bottle just longing to explode. And if I get another cyber hug I’m going to scream!! [no offense Pinkem] It’s just another case of QLC. This stuff is getting old.

I feel like I’m drilling a hole in the ground with my constant spinning. I can see blurs of my dreams drifting past, making me even more dizzy. I can see where I want to be, but I can’t see how to get there.

Things are drip-dropping all around me, forming murky puddles to breed bugs. I’m not focusing on anything. I have no drive, no attention. I’m just drifting along, dragging my feet, wandering like a juala in the dust too weak to even follow the wind.

How I hate being in limbo.

In other news, my officemate finally got some music. Now me, being me, I live inside my headphones. So I never know what’s going on here [and consequently, find myself at work during public holidays coz I wasn’t listening to what everyone was saying. It’s kinda hard to keep track of like 25 public holidays, especially when they’re decided by the Moon!]

So here I am, inside my headphones, and wondering why there are snares inside my head when there are none on my track. So I take the phones off to find the offending source.

The music in question is pretty good music. Trouble is, she doesn’t have headphones. Keeping in mind that there’s five of us in here, it’s not the coolest idea to be booming your music of choice. Especially since 3 of the tenants are well over forty.

Being my usual surly self, i had already started daggers. How inconsiderate. Fancy forcing everyone to listen to that ! The least you could do is turn your music down and…

…then I notice that I can still hear my music. And so can everyone else. Apparently, I play my music so loud that even with my headphones on, my mates can sing every song word for word for word for word. No one has ever complained…and I’ve been living in my headphones for a looooong time…

Talk about the speaker calling the microphone loud!

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